The Election Result D-Day was by all means a historic one. If on one side we saw the end of the last Left citadel in Tripura and the surge of the Saffron wave, on the other hand, the BJP-NDPP alliance consolidated to form a stable government in Nagaland. Whereas in Meghalaya, the never-seen-before BJP sowed its first seeds to be in the thick of things as far as the formation of the next government is concerned. Meanwhile, the Congress, unlike it’s miserable performance in the other two states, could save its face, although it signalled that the BJP could be close to achieving its aim of a ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat.’

The Results saw people glued to their television screens and taking minute-to-minute updates of the big day. This is where the role and partnership of two media houses, one regional and the other national, translated into action. This being the very first election coverage of the newly launched Northeast Live, the newsdesk was abuzz with the latest stats and trends, spearheaded by the dynamic Editor-in-Chief Wasbir Hussain, who has a substantial body of work behind him. Speaking to a panel of experts and other notable commentators, Wasbir Hussain, together with the rest of the Northeast Live team, furnished crucial election-related data for the viewers who were waiting with bated breath for the D-Day mandate.

On the other hand, there was its channel partner, the national television giant – Republic TV, which like always, was piloted by the channel’s firebrand Editor-in-Chief, Arnab Goswami, who brought groundbreaking facts and stats for the national audience. As such, the joint broadcast of both the media houses was one of the highlights of this Pan-Northeast election coverage.

While the two Editors-in-Chief of the respective channels collaborated to bring the latest updates, Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami was seen congratulating Northeast Live for its maiden approach to cover this part of the country extensively. He also went down the memory lane to share his long-term association with his Northeast Live counterpart and wished the channel the best for its future endeavours.

Subsequently, this joint coverage by Northeast Live and Republic TV gave a brand-new dimension to the Northeast, as it gave the elections in the three states of Nagaland, Meghalaya and Tripura the due recognition and coverage it deserved.

By Gaurav Sarma and Jawed Akhtar.