The BJP released a charge sheet against the ruling CPI (M) government accusing it of letting down the people of the state. The BJP attacked the CPI (M) over the high unemployment rate in Tripura which according to the BJP has 25 per cent unemployed workforce. The BJP pointed out that over 8 lakh youths are unemployed in Tripura where misrule and violence has prevented industries from coming in.

The BJP especially took a dig at the ruling CPI (M) of being hand and globe with the Rose Valley group and looting the people of the state. The Rs 35,000 Rose Valley scam robbed the poor of Tripura, the BJP said in its charge-sheet. Over 14 lakh people or more half of Tripura’s population was duped by Rose Valley. The BJP also slammed the CPI (M) for the poor law and order scenario in Tripura.

The BJP also highlighted the plight of State Government employees who are receiving meager salary under the 4th pay commission. It also cornered the Left Front on poor health care facilities in state. The BJP also accused that CPI (M) workers are threatening voters.