In yet another twist to the Tripura arms haul, the recovery of arms and ammunition from Agartala railway station and the arrest of a man ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to poll-bound Tripura has turned political with the state’s BJP in charge Sunil Deodhar alleging that the accused was a CPI(M) goon who hails from a Marxist bastion.

The accused Naresh Chakma was arrested from Agartala Railway station late Wednesday night with three sophisticated revolvers and a large quantity of ammunition. Chakma was later handed over to the government railway police for further legal action.

Tripura’s BJP in charge Sunil Deodhar alleged that Chakma happens to be a native of Jatinbari in the state’s Amarpur District which as per Deodhar is another Marxist bastion.

Deodhar went on to allege that Chakma was a CPI(M) goon and the party is stockpiling arms and ammo He added that the ruling CPI(M) was facing the heat in the state after a long time leading to a deterioration of law and order in Tripura.

So, accusations and counter-allegations continue to run rampant in volatile Tripura which has witnessed a number of violent activities in the run up to the polls till now.  The BJP now claiming that the accused arrested with a huge haul of ammunition in Agartala is a CPI(M) goon and that the party is indulging in pre-poll violence.